blog title musings

There've been topics weaving in and out of my thoughts all year, but by the time I get to my computer, I've lost the bulk of my musings.  So, is that my age or just minimal desire to put my musings down? Hmmm.

This brings me to this question: at what age do I need to change the title of my blog? Is 60 middle age?
It SOUNDS like it's the high end of middle age.
However, it doesn't FEEL middle age to me, so perhaps I can squeak out another couple years with the blog title.
I guess I'll need to rely on the shoulder tap from a friend to let me know it's time to alter my blog title. After all, I may not notice when the eyebrows I draw in and the slightly rosy tinted chapstick that I put on start making me look like Baby Jane! ;)
(If you see a heartshaped beauty mark appear on my face, don't tap me, smack me. :) )

In the meantime, I'll keep up my fitness through CrossFit and therefore not need to be of a certain age. I'll just be.



...so I can do what I love: coach
A few weekends ago I headed to Reebok CF One to revalidate my CF Level 1 coaching certificate. 5 years have passed since my first one. 5 years!
It got me thinking about how fast 5yrs as gone by, and how much I've fit into that time.
While my CF journey began over 5yrs ago (May '10), to have this definitive time frame brings my experiences into perspective. #nevertooold

In 5 years:
I've been very thankful to have been a 2x Games athlete, finishing 2nd and 8th respectively. I met the most amazing people at the Games who continue to inspire me through their FB posts revealing their tenaciousness at continuing to move into they later years with passion...and to move heavy shit and stay healthy in mind and body. Forever grateful for them!!

Hard work and amazing memories
In 5 years:
Those years of training hard as an athlete definitely transferred over to my coaching outlook and ability. Because of that, during the past 5yrs I continued to increase my knowledge base by getting many more certifications in both CF and other related health & fitness outside the CF community. Love of what you do organically creates the drive to learn more. That hasn't ended because I still love what I do. When it does end, then I'll know it's time to move on. #nevertooold

In 5 years:
Although my desire to compete has ended, my passion for coaching has not. My passion for working specifically with people who are looking for a better quality of life, however that may look for them, is what truly
                                               gets me excited! #nevertooold

We all start somewhere. :)
That is, after all, why I ventured into my first CF gym! I was 54. One of the oldest athletes in the gym, I just wanted to be there for me. My progress was on my own time frame. That's the goal. You may want to venture out of your comfort zone, but you don't need to look past your own body for the drive to live more functionally! #nevertooold

A first triathlon at 58? Sure, why not!

Now knocking on the door of 60, I'm forever thankful that I didn't let the mentality of age get in the way of trying something new. CF, as my blog description states, has taught me more about myself than I ever knew existed within me. It's also opened up a life I never imagined! New directions in this journey are continually appearing and formulating. Linear paths are pretty much impossible if you stay open to options. #nevertooold

One of the biggest joys is that I know I can trust my body, even if it's not always working at capacity at times. I know there is always a way to do what I want to do. I can trust that I can figure that out.
Because of that, as every new year turns over, what my annual intention has become is to try something new. It's pretty amazing what happens when age doesn't take on a primary role in your desire to lead an open life! #nevertooold


i'm not you, i'm me

People with various philosophical and spiritual ideologies like to share the common thought,
~~Find your passion and follow it. Your life will be more meaningful and purposeful.~~
That said, I've had more than one discussion surrounding this thought with people who clearly believe that their passion and path is the most fulfilling one possible.

One common theme is 'travel the world'.
That's great for them.
I'm not you, I'm me.
I have different passions.
Traveling is an interest, not a passion.
I'm not you, I'm me.

My world changes on a daily basis. I don't need to be in a different environment everyday to be challenged. Growth, joy, passion, enlightenment can all show itself in the most seemingly mundane experiences. It's always so wondrous when that happens.
You could say my passion is staying happy in the pursuit to be open to everything.
Certainly, some days I take 'off', and yet those are still days that feed my passion of living in joy.
Certainly, some days I need to travel toward the joy, but thankfully it's a scenic trip!

You travel how you see fit.
I'll travel how I see fit.
I'm not you, I'm me.



reawaken every single day



A few days ago I read an article on toxic people you should let go of as you head into the new year.

The clear realization as I was reading was that to every one of the toxic personalities mentioned, you can just say "no".
What do we owe people who are toxic to us? Nothing. We can be kindly indifferent by not engaging. This idea that the only way to be nice is to put yourself aside for the sake of someone else is ridiculous. We are not all going to be compatible. Our energies often let us know that long before we are able to kindly and calmly disengage. That is a *you* behavior to change, not a *them* behavior to change.  Because you may not enjoy being around their energy doesn't mean anything other than they feel toxic to you.
Be on your way. Move along.

The truth is it's not up to the other person to change, it's up to you to be true to yourself. Another's personality might be toxic to you but not to someone else. Period. End of story. No big deal.

Learning to say "no" is a sign of self-respect.
You're important to you. You value your beliefs, your outlook, your time. It's not about the other person at all. It's about what feeds you, your life, your soul. I know how hard this can be. I've come a long way, but still struggle with it at times. That's okay.  Like any behavior modification process, the practice of saying "no" becomes easier and more meaningful. Being in practice is better than being stuck!

As we head into the new year, learn to say "no" without self-judgment. Reread my post on friendship (be a friend ) and rid yourself of toxicity even from yourself this new year!

**I'll share one of my favorite lines related to this (20ish seconds at the beginning of the clip) ...just add "to me" after the judgment in the statement and it's spot on!  "just shoot me" line   I wish I had the balls to say this sometimes! :)**


when new habits become old habits

You changed your old habits that were getting in your way of good health and happiness.

It's been over 4 years since I've been living my "new" habits.
Better nutrition. Regular and effective workouts. Learning to include 'me' in my prioritization near or at the top of the list, which has been one of the tougher new habits to practice.

I needed to take a few days off from the gym recently. The first day I pretty much sat around and grazed all day. When Laurence got home I told him that and, without skipping a beat, he said, "At least you've been eating good food." 
Hmmm. True. But it was still just mindless grazing.

My new habits have become old habits. 
Too many taro chips are still counterproductive to my overall health despite being a better choice than potato chips. 
Too much snacking later in the day on better choices is still too much snacking later in the day.

When new habits become old habits, it's once again time to shake yourself up. It might mean one little shift here and there, but those little changes keep our bodies and minds awake.


no time...er

My hubster and I took a long walk yesterday and a long drive/short walk today.

No reason.
No training for anything.
No timer.

It's been a long time since we've had made the time to do this.  Our weekends are short, with things to do. Um, okay...so...

Every day because of my job:
I move with intent.
I live training for life.
I depend on the clock.

Laurence and I went biking a few times this summer, but since I'm not a biker and needed to train a little for a sprint triathlon, I would get annoyed we weren't going faster. I had to make the outing count toward training! HA
I finally let that go and knew when we biked, it was just to bike...but I didn't love it...it didn't count.

Cut to this weekend....months later. 
No reason.
No training for anything.
No timer.

This time I loved it.
Thank you Universe shift!